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Throughout the summer and fall, U.S. Cellular hits the road to connect with consumers all over the country. From Nebraskaland Days to the Iowa Speedway, the mission of their mobile tour is to educate current and potential customers on all that U.S. Cellular has to offer — in an exciting and engaging way, of course.

Working alongside their national “In the Middle of Anywhere” campaign, our goal was to transport visitors to “anywhere”…with the help of U.S. Cellular.

The Middle of Anywhere photo experience gave visitors a chance to create their own “anywhere” photo with a simple editing tool they could play with right on the spot.

How many U.S. Cellular stars can you find in 60 seconds? Participants were put to the test with the Middle of Anywhere virtual reality game.


Scanning a variety of “anywhere" landscapes, participants raced to find as many hidden stars as possible — potentially adding their name to the U.S. Cellular leaderboard.


Lead Copy, Conception Team

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